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Food & Nutrition

The most common pet gecko food are either insectivore (only eat bugs like crickets or roaches) or frugivorous (eat pollen, fruit, and bugs). We stock a wide assortment of products for you to offer variety for your gecko food.

Leopard Gecko Food consists of insects such as crickets, mealworms, feeder roaches like dubia and even silkworms. None of these insects provide the correct nutrition. It's best to coat your leopard geckos food with a calcium and mineral supplement that has vitamin D3 or provide calcium in a dish.

Crested Gecko Diet in nature consists of nectar, fruit, small mammals and of course bugs. You can choose between Repashy Superfoods, Pangea Fruit Mix, and Black Panther Zoological for a complete meal replacement formulated for your pet crested gecko. Just like the gecko food we spoke about with other pets you will still want to coat the insects with a calcium and vitamin supplement that contains vitamin D3.

Day Gecko Diet is very similar to other frugivorous geckos like Crested Geckos. You can offer an MRP from the above-named brands and insects coated in a supplement that contains either vitamin D3 or without depending on your source of lighting. Day Geckos that bask under UVB appropriate lighting and eat the MRP will need to be monitored for calcium levels. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.