Crested Gecko "Classic" (Repashy Superfoods)

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Crested Gecko Diet Classic is a "remix" of the formula that made Repashy the go-to brand by breeders and hobbyist alike. The original formula uses Banana, Date and Fig for flavor and Whole Dried Egg as well as Whey Protein Isolate (from grass fed New Zealand cows) as the primary source of protein and fat. All ingredients are human grade and highest quality. This Crested Gecko Diet is the formula Repashy used up until 2013.


Repashy Superfoods


Mix two parts water with one part Gecko MRP by weight as a starting point. Mixture may seem very liquid at first, but will thicken after several minutes. As fed, it should be like a thick milkshake. Adjust ratio as necessary. If your geckos are eating baby food now, they may be reluctant to switch overnight. Add Gecko MRP to baby food at increasing levels with each feeding to switch them over completely. Feed geckos in the evening. Remove uneaten food the following day. Refrigeration will extend freshness.

Shelf Life:
If unopened, CGD should have a shelf life of at least 18-24 months. Once opened the food should be served within six months. Refrigeration will extend freshness after opening.




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